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storm_dragon ([personal profile] storm_dragon) wrote2008-02-08 08:55 pm
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I can't believe my own brain won't listen to me. After watching Evangelion the old one and the first movie of Evangelion rebuild, not to mention the pic of Rin in a plug suit and Archer in the background ain't helping. I so want to write a eva/fate fic now my only problem is that I've never written a combat scene or M-rated stuff. Mu... dammit if only there was a machine that could put what I see in my head into words. Thou, I still try my hand at it. Which is also why I be having trouble with Retelling since there is a lot of battles. Not giving up! Then I am going to try my hand in RinxArcher-fying UBW route. I already have a plot and beginning no ending yet thou. The plot shall make use of a few OCs and a fan character of mine, not sure if I'll be able to make it since the fan character has never been written before but whatever. So far he'll only be hinted and seen a few times.

Now there's school so annoying I am never going to get math  or principals of accounting seriously, sir is trying to stop me from finishing fic with his huge assignments. Then there's midterms next week. I don't even know why I am in collage other than my parental units made me... maybe I should ask them to give me a credit card next time they decide to put me somewhere I don't want to be. I worked last year when they decided to go to america. I told them I was fine staying home, imagine my happiness when female parental unit bribed me with a laptop. Then again it also worked on prom, waste of time prom but for whole lot of chocolate I'd jump into shark infested waters.