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I have poor memory and just remembered a much older dreamwidth account I had, stormdragon, and will be using that instead. This will be a wips dump instead.
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Not yet 100% but at least I am not struggling to stay awake. I've been sick for four days now with a regular old flu. I had forgotten what it's like to be sick after not getting sick for... if we don't count the dengue fever I got on 4th year high... a long time. Wasted a good portion of my weekend sleeping instead of procrastinating, not sure if there is a difference between the two thou.

Anyway I was able to keep the list up to date during those days, refrained from staying on the computer too long which was surprisingly not that hard since half the time I was to sleeply. Anyway moving on Marvel Kink meme seems to have a few C&DP prompts. I don't want to have to track the whole meme (which is what I am doing for the C&DP Kink meme.). So I am left to wonder if I should link 'em to the list as well or just link 'em when they have been answered (I'll probably check once a week or something.). Well until someone tells me (because I am an indecisive person), I'll be doing the latter.
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May. 18th, 2009 08:04 pm
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It's been I don't know since my last post here. Then again what can be done, I am motivationally-challenged after all and like I said boredom spawns journal entries.

Moving on, I have recently found a new source of entertainment by the name of Deadpool. Seriously where have I been in the last 18 years. How could have I been so blind as not to notice this crazy awesome mercenary! I must be thankful to DA for showing me what I have been missing. Particularly this little fan comic by YogurthFrost. A few more Deadpool comics I found is some by ScarletVulture and What Would Deadpool Do

I admit that I had never been interest in Marvel or DC comics prior to meeting Deadpool and now I am. I fact the only comic book I have been reading up 'till today is one which is Spawn.
Anyway, other than my new found love for Deadpool. My summer has ended and my classes will be starting on thursday this week.

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Okay so it been while since I last posted anything here. And for the sake of entertainment, I shall talk about my dull life which surprisingly I am mostly content with it.

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Okay, I have been putting off posting here for quite a while now. Mostly because I don't know what to write, I have never bother with blogs after all. Beside I am certain the stuff I write ain't worth reading, but whatever I am still typing this for the sake of wanting to type and somewhat rant. Yes, that right I like typing even if there is no point or I am just typing gibberish. Well that that I am done time to cease procrastinating and finish the darn fic I've been working on since Jan 10 or 9 well whatever. All that's left is to figure out what to do with this journal... Well I could alway post my dj collection.


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