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Sickness & Linking

Not yet 100% but at least I am not struggling to stay awake. I've been sick for four days now with a regular old flu. I had forgotten what it's like to be sick after not getting sick for... if we don't count the dengue fever I got on 4th year high... a long time. Wasted a good portion of my weekend sleeping instead of procrastinating, not sure if there is a difference between the two thou.

Anyway I was able to keep the list up to date during those days, refrained from staying on the computer too long which was surprisingly not that hard since half the time I was to sleeply. Anyway moving on Marvel Kink meme seems to have a few C&DP prompts. I don't want to have to track the whole meme (which is what I am doing for the C&DP Kink meme.). So I am left to wonder if I should link 'em to the list as well or just link 'em when they have been answered (I'll probably check once a week or something.). Well until someone tells me (because I am an indecisive person), I'll be doing the latter.

speaking as someone who frequently down with the flu monthly

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*shakes fist over the ovulation related drop in immune defenses*

Take Vitamin C, I know the bottle says three tablets per day, but sometimes me and my bro up it to nine when we have the flu, you can't OD on VitC, you just peep it out (or poop, one sign of a little TOO much VitC is runny stool)

Oranges, lemon, chinese ginger, pine needle tea. Rehydrate but make sure you are not just downing jugs after jugs of pure water, because that could upset your electric balance, if you are feeling dizzy and craving salt after doing that, have some salt.

No matter how sick you feel, get some fresh air, have some tea outside for a 15 min break or whatever, sunshine and fresh air.

Re: speaking as someone who frequently down with the flu monthly

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I feel so naive for having not known those.

Hopefully this will be the last time I get sick at least until the school years over. I can't afford to be absent from class.

Thanks much for the advice. <3

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Sure, go ahead and link me on the List. =D

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Your fic has been added to the list. c:

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The meme didn't completely die in 2011, and there's a decent number of fics that weren't added to this list. If you're just now getting into Deadpool/Cable or even if you've been a fan, you might not of have caught these.
- Have a Talk (
[Wade and Al having a talk about Nate]


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Darling... have you abandoned your account? I.... well, it's almost 2017. Isn't that crazy where we've come from? 2009... 8 fucking years later. Please tell me your alright. Im probably just as mad as wade to only begin to lose hope now. I just... come back. If not you someone. Someone, please. Somebody answer. Is this fandom alive? Looking at the old fics and their corresponding authors abandoned accounts is like looking at the remains of some great city. Like New York after the apocalypse. It's so empty and it seems as if there's no one left alive except the bones and ghosts of something big and wonderful. Why? Why, why, why? Why did you leave. Leave me, us, them. Where did you go? Where, why, when are you coming back. Will you ever see this? Am I just screaming into the abyss of another empty account. Another shell of something great? Please. Just breath. Show me your still there, that someone's still there. Tell me your out there! Please! Please! Please! Someone! Hear me! Please!

Re: Hello?

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I am still here and still shipping Cable/Deadpool. Most seem to have moved on to tumblr ( (I have an account there too) or started shipping Spider/Deadpool. And since I don't ship Spider/Deadpool, I am not terribly active in marvel fandom anymore.

I don't run it but there is this nice Cable/Deadpool ( tumblr too.

RE: Re: Hello?

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Oh yay goody gum drops!! It sends like everyone just gone "fuck this" and to go jerk off somewhere else. Can you hear my heart break? It's so nice that another human being is still out there. Maybe you should post a little "in alive!" Entry. I as well don't ship spiderpool (no thank you ma'am). Thinking of all the abandoned accounts makes me feel so angsty.... I miss the good ol days ;( *cries bitterly* thank you for responding... i give you all the hugs AND!! In case you didn't know (it's been out Since 2016 but just in case) they started up the Cable and Deadpool comic series again sooooooo- maybe check that out and get yourself resurfaced with all the goodness of it!!