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Cable and Deadpool Link List 2/2

Last Updated On May 30, 2011

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Delicious: C&DP Kink Meme's prompts
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Misc Fic Links:
- C&DP Drabble Wars by manicr
[Cable/Deadpool || An index of Drabbles by manicer]
- Homecoming by kijikun
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade disappears for 3 weeks and returns with a surprise]
- RIP Bea by sarkywoman
[Nate stays to comfort Wade after the death Bea Arthur]
- Selfless by sarkywoman
[Cable/Deadpool || Cable isn't as selfless as people think he is]
- Our Little Secret by jetsuffragette
Movie!Logan/Movie!Wade || ch01, ch02, ch03, ch04 ]
- nomnom by misterknife
[Victor Creed/Wade Wilson]
- AU Drabble by sarkywoman
- Your Turn by shananagin
[Cable/Deadpool || Short Drabble]
- Bet You'd Bottom by shananagin
[Cable/Deadpool || Short Drabble]
- Zounds! by shananagin
[Cable/Deadpool || Short Drabble]
- Shut Up! by shananagin
- Christmas in the Spring by shananagin
- Reversed Roles by runenklinge
- Pastell Paradise by runenklinge
[Warning contains Deadpool]
- Ripples by goldenwing25
- Pet by goldenwing25
- Scars by goldenwing25
- Sanity is Overrated by goldenwing25
- Peace and Quiet by bloodyfire
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate knows of a way to keep Wade quiet]
- That Will Not Go Away by halfnorn
[Cable/Deadpool || ch01, ch02]
- Untitled by morgana006
- What's Wrong with Wade by hyperactivator
[Cable/Deadpool || ch01, ch02]
- Suntan lotion makes me hot by merry_gentry
[Cable/Deadpool || comment fic]
- Never Gets Older by halfnorn
[ch01, ch02, ch03]
- The Epic Cable and Deadpool Time Traveling Fic by by gestalt1 & thief_chili
[Cable/Deadpool || ch01, ch02]
- Don’t Drop The Soap by cycnus39
[X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Team X hit the showers together]
- Another Drabble by sarkywoman
[Domino see something that shouldn't be there]
- Mummy Issues by kirke_novak
- Meeting The Parents edition and Intervening In Indecent Matters by halfnorn & lainey_chan
[Cable/Deadpool, Scott/Emma || AU]
- A Messiah, A Mercenary and a Baby Walk Into Alaska by halfnorn
- Two Guys Walk Into A Bar In Intercourse, Pennsylvania... Again by halfnorn & lainey_chan
- Don't Believe The Narrative. It Lies. by halfnorn & lainey_chan
- Snuggles Are So Not Manly by halfnorn & lainey_chan
- Domestic Violence by axolotl_lan & hempfandango
[Cable/Deadpool || Three kind-of connected shorts about carrot cake. And sometimes violence]
- I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours by gestalt1
[Cable/Deadpool || ch01, ch02, ch03 || Wade and Nate swap powers]
- Here There Be Lovers, Dreamers, and Monsters by spurnine
[Cable/Deadpool || A high school AU featuring Nathan Summers and Wade Wilson.]
- One of the Beautiful People by roachpatrol
[Cable/Deadpool || Bodyswap; Some relationships you just can't tell where you leave off and the other guy begins. And then some relationships, it gets weirder.]
- Uh, pass by JetSuffragette
[Deadpool/Weasel || Wade is quiet. That's never good.]
- Cable's 3 Golden Rules to sleeping with Deadpool by carissa_cat
[Cable/Deadpool || title says it all]
- Always Watch Out For That Damn Sex Pollen by gestalt1
- Some things you’re just not supposed to see by navisx
- Comment Fic Time by navisx
- Freak on Lithium & The End of the World by halfnorn
- Rebound (sort of) by two_steps_left
[Cable/Deadpool || Fluff.]
- Gone by spurnine
[Cable/Deadpool || Nathan has chased Wade of]
- Marvel-Wide Crossover Event by chelledbrown
[Cable/Deadpool, Tony/Steve, Peter/MJ || Another ultimately evil force has hit the 616]
- Suing Through the Fourth Wall by kijikun
[Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool would like to sue]
- There´s no way this is ever going to work by runenklinge
[Steve/Tony, Cable/Deadpool]
- Cable Muses on Deadpool by sarkywoman
- Valentine’s Day Story by sarkywoman
- Drabbles by sarkywoman
- Clean Kills and Dirty Deeds by sarkywoman
- Archenemy by sarkywoman
[Drabble || Deadpool and Cable are Archenemies]
- More Drabbles by sarkywoman
- Physical Impossibility by alpha_hex
[Movieverse || Logan's point of view dealing with the mouthy swordsman ]
- Marvel High by morgana006
[Cable/Deadpool || ch01, ch02, ch03, ch04, ch05, ch06, ch07, ch08, ch09, ch10, ch11, ch12, ch13, ch14]
- His Face by asreal01
[What each of our characters think of Wade's appearance]
- Winner Takes All by haruki_emishi
[Deadpool/Outlaw || A simple game of cards]
- Unsinkable by rallamajoop
[Cable/Deadpool || An alternate take on the goodbye scene from issue 42]
- Method in the Madness by dragon_pamcake
[Deadpool/Siryn || Siryn tries to cope with losing her child and being abandoned by Jamie]
- Sympathy Card by dragon_pamcake
[Deadpool/Siryn || Deadpool writes Terry a sympathy card]
- Mattress Mambo by haruki_emishi
- No Longer by tresa_cho
[Cable/Deadpool || comment fic || Nate and Wade have a little talk about Wade's job]
- Untitled by tresa_cho
[Comment Fic || Wade plays father figure to a toddler!Nate]
- Women's Underwear by tresa_cho
[Cable/Deadpool || Comment Fic]
- Plz I can touch yes? by tresa_cho
[Fem!Cable/Deadpool || Comment Fic]
- Just one touch by comeon_eileen
[Deadpool/Siryn || Comment Fic]
- Untitled by tresa_cho
[Deadpool/Domino || Comment Fic || mourning Cable]
- The Way We Are by thief_chili
[Cable/Deadpool || This takes place near the end of Issue #6]
- Divorce can be Tricky by thief_chili
[Deadpool/Cable || This is what really happened after Nate went into the bar in Issue #35.]
- It’s All in Your Head by by thief_chili
[Cable/Deadpool || This takes place after the events of Divorce Can Be Tricky]
- Boxes at Night by mshepley
[Yellow Box/White Box]
- Your Mileage May Vary by burnedtoasty
[Omega Red/Deadpool || Wade and Rossovich have interesting conversation]
- I Can’t Believe It’s Not Porn! by burnedtoasty
[Omega Red/Deadpool ]
- A Pool of Dead by burnedtoasty
[Movieverse || Stryker/Deadpool || From the right perspective, it could be an answer. And Stryker had just the right perspective on the whole matter.]
- Solicitors Not Welcome by burnedtoasty
[Movieverse || Sabertooth/Deadpool || Victor pays a visit]
- The Saga of Whorepool Any Port In A Storm by burnedtoasty
[Movieverse || Sabertooth/Deadpool || Oh yes, Chris picked an excellent time to go take a leak.]
- Ground Rules by dragon_pamcake
[Deadpool/Siryn || Wade offers Terry a place to stay]
- Cable & Deadpool Origins by sarkywoman
[Cable/Deadpool || c01 || AU, merging of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' movie and the comic 'Cable & Deadpool']
- Drabbles by jynx
[Cable/Deadpool || Four Drabbles]
- Drabbles by jynx
[Cable/Deadpool || Two Drabbles]
- A Friend in Need by erin_starlight
[Deadpool/Irene, Cable/Domino, Cable/Irene(one-sided) || Sequel to Sleeping it off.]
- 'Tis Better...? 'Tis Bullshit by ?
[Deadpool/Siryn || Deadpool watches Dancing with the Stars and reminisces.]
- Trying by mundo_fine
[Wade tries to do a good deed for a young mutant, but nothing ever goes as he wants it, now does it.]
- The Curse Of Immortality by rocks_not_dead
[Remy/Wade || Movieverse || Wade was drunk, but this was the most Wade had said about himself since they'd met a week ago.]
- Not What You Think by dragon_pamcake
[Deadpool/Siryn || Wade comes home and something good happens for once]
- Cosplay is Good for the LIBIDO Soul by tripht
[Cable/Deadpool || title says it all]
- All That You Have to Give by tripht
[Deadpool/Cable || PWP]
- Real Friends Help Hide the Bodies by dragon_pamcake
[Deadpool/Siryn || The ducks are to blame for everything.]
- In Grace by burnedtoasty
[Cable/Deadpool || In which, Wade has a headache.]
- Stuck by alpha_hex
[Logan/Wade/Victor || Movieverse || c01, c02 || It was the epitome of straightforward. No one expected any kind of trouble, which might have been why everything blew up so spectacularly.]
- The Usual Teenage Fantasies by mixe
[Deadpool/Teen!Cable || Deadpool has some advice and suggestions for Cable, now that he's been temporarily turned into a teenager again.]
- An Unwarranted Sense of Importance/How Cable Fixed the World by burnedtoasty
[Cable/Deadpool || Prequel to In Grace]
- The Feminine Model Two by mundo_fine
[Cable/Female!Deadpool || Sequel to Feminine Model || c01, c02 || Wade's pregnant]
- Irene Wishes that She Has Wade’s Problem by asreal01
[Nate/Wade, Stryfe/Wade, Cable/Wade/Stryfe || Deadpool recounts his boy trouble to the largely unsympathetic ears of Irene Merryweather.]
- Hurt/Discomfort by wilde_shade
[Deadpool/Bob || c01, c02, c03, c04]
- Untitled by spam_monster
[Steve/Tony, Cable/Deadpool || Randomness]
- Missing by spam_monster
[Cable/Deadpool, Steve/Tony || Synchronized angsting. Totally not cannon, because Providence is back and Tony is hiding on it.]
- Danger by guiltyreasons
[Cable/Deadpool || Comment Fic || "I laugh in the face of danger. HA HA HA HA HA!"]
- Teleportion as a sex toy by guiltyreasons
[Cable/Deadpool || Comment Fic || porn just isn't good enough anymore]
- Whatever Happened to the Messiah(s)? by hohaiyee
[Stryfe/Deadpool, Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool says goodbye to Nate, and over eight hundred years of longing.]
- Swinging Through the City by dragon_pamcake
[Deadpool/Siryn || Spiderman sees interesting stuff, but sometimes he should mind his own business]
- Two for the Price of One by dragon_library
[Cable/Deadpoolx2 || In an earth far far away particularly earth 868, you and you are married]
- Quick Fantasy by hohaiyee
[Cable/Deadpool || Marvel Kink Meme || What Black Mamba made Cable fantasize about. ]
- Untitled by Anonymous
[Cable/Domino/Deadpool || Marvel Kink Meme|| Nathan tells them they'll just have to share. How do Dom and Wade work it out?]
- Untitled by breakswalls
[Cable/Deadpool || Marvel Kink Meme || they have to have sex for any contrived reason, Cable feels guilty and Wade definitely doesn't.]
- Untitled by carissa_cat
[Cable/Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds || Marvel Kink Meme || You know the 'Take On Me' video? Kinda like that but with more sex.]
- Untitled by Anonymous
Deadpool/Fabian Nicieza || Marvel Kink Meme || Dubcon]
- Copyright LIES! by breakswalls
[Rorschach/Deadpooool|| Marvel Kink Meme]
- Untitled by Anonymous
Deadpool/Cyclops || Marvel Kink Meme || Deadpool flirting to make Scott uncomfortable, and Scott trying to be polite and not freak out]
- Beer Buddies by hohaiyee
[AU drabble, Wade and Dom shares a drink over Nate]
- Untitled by Anonymous
[Tony Shark and Wade Wilson have a little Mudfight]
- Tidings of Joy by vega_ofthe_lyre
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate and Wade have a little chat]
- Untitled by come
[Deadpool/Black Widow II|| Marvel Kink Meme || Wade can't stop babbling, and Yelena can't stop laughing]
- Untitled by Anonymous
[The Cat/Deadpool || Marvel Kink Meme || The Cat always tops]
- Winning and Dinning by Anonymous
[Deadpool/Siryn || Marvel Kink Meme ]
- Talk Me Into It by misachan
[Cable/Deadpool || Marvel Kink Meme || Siryn has a little fun]
- Untitled by Anonymous
[Deadpool/Daken || Marvel Kink Meme ||  seducing Wade in front of Bullseye to piss him off; Wade is more enthusiastic than expected.]
- Yadda Yadda by shananagin
[Nightwing/Deadpool || Nightwing and Deadpool have a very chatty fight.]
- Supernookie by tsukinofaerii
[Marvel Kink Meme || Deadpool Starts a superhero porn site]
Almost Like Time-Travel by merianmoriarty
[Cable/Deadpool || Title says it all]
- This prompt was made for me by danse_amore
[Comment Fic]
- Duct tape by museofspeed
[Cable/Deadpool || Comment Fic]
- This is what hell must be like by psychedelicammo
[Comment Fic]
- chock full o' sexual tension by tresa_cho
[Comment Fic]
- Living and Dying by the Sword by chibifukurou
[Comment Fic || before the cancer]
- Drinking Buddies by manicr
[Deadpool/Bullseye, Deadpool/Cable, Bullseye/Daken || Bullseye and Deadpool are drinking buddies.]
- A Rare Serious Moment by psychedelicammo
[Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool asks forgiveness... Kind of, with him you can never quite tell.]
- Styrofoam Pumpkins by manic_intent
[Cable/Deadpool || Halloween, or near enough, or maybe Deadpool just thinks it is]
- Good Intentions by rallamajoop
[Cable/Deadpool || c01,c02,c03,c04,c05 || Deadpool thought killing 'Nathan' was going to be a fairly routine job. He couldn't have been more wrong.]
- &^@* this $#!% by rallamajoop
[Cable/Deadpool ||Deadpool takes it on himself to 'fix' the current Marvel status quo. With extreme prejudice.]
- Blur by hohaiyee
[Cable/Deadpool || Canon AU where Cable's techno-organic tentacles have taken over the world.]
- Summers'son by rallamajoop
[Cable/Deadpool || c01,c02,c03,c04,c05,c06 || Settling into the 21st century is giving a teenaged Nathan some trouble.]
- Cable (and Deadpool), Issue 24.5 by rallamajoop
[Cable/Deadpool || Cable #25 told us that before Cable took off for the future with Hope, he had to get some help from an old friend. But before that happened, his old friend had to get an unexpected phone call.]
- But trust me on the sunscreen by rallamajoop
[Cable/Deadpool || An alternate take on the deeper implications of Cable/Deadpool fans' favourite scene from the comic.]
- Doodly-doo by amefu
- Always and Forever by tinypinkmouse
[Cable/Deadpool || Sooner or later they always bring Nate back. This time will be no different.]
- A meditation on the inevitability of life, the meaninglessness of death and what a total jerk you were about it, by Wade Wilson by rallamajoop
[So, Cable's dead – again. Deadpool has a few things to say about that.]
- Tiny Terror by Silvarbelle
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade gets shrunk with Pym Particles. Cable tries to ‘help’ and Wade calls him out on it. Two days later, the Hydra Base thing in Pakistan happens, but it’s AU from there.]
- Goin’ Courtin’ by Silvarbelle
[Cable/Deadpool || Set two weeks after Tiny Terror, Nate tries to be a gentleman despite his baser desires and Wade is having different ideas.]
- Where You Need Me by Silvarbelle
[Cable/Deadpool || Thank you. I’m proud of you. I love you. Goodbye.]
- Untitled by sarkywoman
[Stryfe/Deadpool || Occurs during the 'Messiah War' series. Dark fic, implied dub/non-con]
- Untitled by sarkywoman
[Remy/Wade || Movieverse]
- The Medium-Sized Merman by rallamajoop
[Cable/Deadpool || You know the story - there's a handsome prince, an unfortunate shipwreck, and old sea-witch, and a lovesick mer-something.]


- I am totally in favor of a SUMMERS FAMILY BARBECUE. Nate introduces the family to Wade.
- Deadpool reading one of his comics and finding it depressing how there's no UST with Nate
- Several Request: [1] Deadpool in a white dress with a high empress waist, a la Drusilla from Buffy and either put Cable in something Spike-ish. [2] Wade with an OMG face, and Nate's behind him, and whispering to him (imply penetration off screen?) [4] Nate with an Expression, Deadpool catlike with a deadbird in his mouth (they leave you gifts because they luv you!) [5] Cable, with Deadpool in chains or bound and gagged.
- Wade attempting to get a marvelverse lawyer (like daredevil or shehulk or someone) to help him sue for half of providence after the divorce?
- Cable with DP on a leash. Not as an animal, as a people.
- Nate and Wade actually do attend a Broadway musical.
- Nate Daydreaming about having sexy tiems with Wade *
- Wade and/or Nate as memes, if that makes any sense. Stuff like this ( and this (
- Wade one happy camper, Nate has to sing this song for his birthday
- Nate in a throne, or a really large armchair, with both Deadpool and Domino on his lap
- 3in Deadpool with Cable *
- Deadpool with a dildo
- Wade hanging out with Bob or Weasle or Agency X and co
- Semi-evil!Nate molesting a blushing/reluctant!Wade cuz their in public or something *
- tentacles.
- Grown Nate holding Deadpool up like a doll
- Wade sucking on a phallic looking, everyday objects inorder to seduce Nate, to hilarious results
- Weasel or Bob. Weasel and Bob.
- Wade snuggled up with a Cable plushie toy
- Stryfe and Pretty!Wade
- Art of Wade introducing BF, Nate, to his mom Blind Al. *
- Unity!DP is probably being tentacle-sexed 24/7, oh gods, art please! As ourverse!DP have mentioned earlier, it's still Cable after all, it's still his dream...which canonly included probing DP in incredibly personal places in addition to attempting to absorb him into the unity.
- Messiah War, Cable in front holding a huge gun looking tough, Deadpool holding the baby, and Domino with her hand against her forehead, looking really far off.
- Nate/Aliya cuddling while nude, or a moment during sex where he's kissing her gently or holding her tenderly
- Deadpool makes a special guest appearance in USSDOP


- Cables view on/having a Convo with fempool
- X-Men Cosplay. Namely Wade as Cyclops and Cable as either Emma Frost (white hair) or his mother
- Wade being presented to Nate, gift wrapped and preferable with a ribbon *
- Several Request: [3] Deadpool between either Cable and War!Cable, or Cable and Styfe.
- Wade as Nate's pet kitty.
- Deadpool being fought over by Siryn(can be replaced by whoever you want) and Nate *
- Nate trying to wear Wade's Deadpool costume
- Comic!Deadpool hanging out with Ryan Reynolds or Ryan as movie!Wade
- Weasel introduces Wade to his new girlfriend. It's Squirrel Girl.
- teenage!Nate wraps his arms around Deadpool: [1] [2]
- Wade in the Princess Leia Gold Bikini, complete with Nate holding the chain.
- angsty Wade sketch
- Cable, Deadpool and Hope doing family stuff or being very domestic: [1] [2]
- Nate holding Wade in a possessive manner *
- crossdressing or genderbent Domino in a man's pinstripe suit
- wedding art of Nate and Wade
- I'm picturing naked Wade riding on Nate's lap, with his arms tied to his body with a large red ribbon that knots into a bow around his wrist
- Bob/Alex or Tasky/Weasel


Misc Art Links:
- Deadpool Mudkip [Marvel Kink Meme]


Note: Ideas as to how to improve this list shall be welcomed. A little help in maintaining this list will also be welcomed, so if you find a fic that's not on the list please comment with a link or send me a message

Thank you, asreal01 & _lutz_ for helping me with the list.

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