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Cable and Deadpool Link List 1/2

Note: Mostly arranged from oldest to newest.
If anyone wants to suggest a tag or has a fic you want me to add to the list, just drop me a line,
Latest Update: May 30, 2011 - Fics added to Misc Links

C&DP Kink Meme
Last Updated On Oct 11, 2010

Part 1's Navigation: In Progress, Complete
Part 2's Navigation: Misc Fic Links, Unfilled, Filled, Misc Art Links
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In Progress:
- Rule 63  (Updated: May 7, 2009)
[Deadpool/Female!Cable || Nate gets turned into a woman and you know how Wade is with attractive women.]
- Somethin' like that  (Updated: Apr 15, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || An attempt to make blackmail material on Nate backfires]
- In which  (Updated: Jul 24, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade angsts over his looks only to learn that Cable accepts him for who he is.]
- I'll make a man out of you  (Updated: May 29, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || AU Nate has been placed in charge of recruits which include young Wade Wilson. Nate mission is further complicated by his growing lust for Wade]
- Thicker than Water  (Updated: Oct 15, 2009)
[Cable/Vampire!Deadpool || Also posted here by author]
- You Belong to Me *(Updated: Jun 21, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate
finally decides to make it abundantly clear just who Wade belongs too]
- Cheeto Dust  (Updated: Jun 13, 2009)
- Untitled  (Updated: Jun 24, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade+sex pollen]
- Streak of Luck  (Updated: Jun 15, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool, Domino/Deadpool? || Domino has a one night stand with Wade]
- By the Stroke of Midnight  (Updated: Jun 24, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || Cinderella Wade]
- Hurt Where He Feels It  (Updated: Jun 17, 2009)
[Stryle/Deadpool || Cable is forced to watch non-con]
- Star Wars AU  (Updated: Jun 18, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || Title says it all]
- Care and Keeping   (Updated: Jun 21, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade's a mess]
- Nates stupid plan  (Updated: Jun 27, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool || Cable decides to fuck Wade's brain up even further in an attempt to guilt-trip him]
- Waking Up at the Start of the End of the World  (Updated: Jun 29, 2009)
[Cable/Deadpool, Stryfe/Deadpool || Wade finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere with Nate and Stryfe]
- Worldwide Providence  (Updated: Jul 4, 2009)
- Quod nos non necat  (Updated: Jul 6, 2009)
- Judas Syndrome
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate going dictator on the world and reigning from Providence]


- An Honest Man
[Pretty!Deadpool/Cable || Deadpool becomes normal looking, so immediately seduces Nate]
- Samaritan
[Cable/Deadpool || Time Travel, Nate meets Wade before he became the merc with a mouth, Deadpool]
- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate figures out a way to make his techno-organic arm sprout tentacles]
- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || c01 || In which Deadpool gives Cable a massage, wet dreams are televised, and marsupials are discussed]
- Through the Mirror
[War!Cable/Deadpool || AU starting from Enema of the State, Cable Deadpool comics. Also, Fallout 3!]
- Motivational Techniques
[Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool, bound, gagged, and at Cable's mercy]
The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky!
[Cable/Cross Dressing!Deadpool || While on horse back Nate decides it's time to deal with their UST]
- Blond Object of Affections
[Cable/Deadpool, Steve/Tony || Wade misinterprets Nate's admiration for Steve then decides to have an intimidating encounter with him]
- A Complete Dick
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade giving Nate a blowjob]
- it was the worm's fault, seriously
[Cable/Deadpool || Telekinetic orgasm]
- Channel surfing
[Cable/Deadpool || The reason Nate and Wade don't have sex on couch near a TV]
- Likely not what you had in mind
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate see some voyeurism]
- We're no longer in a comic book, but in a slash fic
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade knows he's in a slash fic]
- Mail Day
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate attempts to subtly woo Wade.]
- Dreams Really Do Come True, Wade
- How to Pick Up Hot Telepaths in a Bar
[Cable/Movie!Wade || Wade meets a certain telepath]
- like perfect strangers
[Taskmaster/Deadpool one-sided || Upset with his recent divorce, Wade seeks comfort in Tony]
- Making up 101
[Cable/Deadpool || Marvel Ultimate Alliance Game. The real reason Wade would fight for the anti-registration]
- Wade's purported flexibility
- All the King's Men
[Deadpool/Cable || Amnesiac!Nate and Wade become telepathically bound]
- Welcome to the Family
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate accepts a bet that will lead to him being engaged to Wade]
- Scientific Research
[Wade is curious about just how far the TO virus spread]
- Three Degrees of Separation.
- Tangled up in Blue
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade and Logan join Xavier's Mutant School.]
- A Fine and Proper Upbringing
[Adult!Cable/Deadpool || Wade returns home with Baby!Nate, Blind Al and Weasel are not pleased]
- Winning and Losing
[Movieverse || The Weapon X team gets a new sergeant]
- Ain't Missing You at All
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade angsts about his past partnership with Nate.]
- More Deserving *
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate believes that Wade deserved better]
- How Cable Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vagina
- There be T.O. kink fic
- Your bleedin' heart
[Taskmaster/Deadpool || Continuation to like perfect strangers]
- Drunk Deadpool
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade returns from a bit of drinking]
- Sleeping it off
- Tastes better with violence!
[Deadpool and Taskmaster are deciding on take out]
- Pride
[Cable/Deadpool || pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4 || Nate gets turned into a anthropomorphic Lion]
- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Cable using his psychic powers on Deadpool during sex]
- Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate
[Job's have declined to the point where Wade had to change professions.]
- Misa del Peregrino
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate thinks of him as he does it]
- A little appreciation
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade goes to save the kittens]
- Salads and scrambled eggs
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade love watching Nate cook]
- Why Agency X Doesn't Hold Online Meetings
[Title says it all.]
- I see you come around
[Taskmaster/Deadpool/Sandi || Nate and Tony have a little chat]
- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Daddy kink]
- Roomies
[Cable/Deadpool || pt1 || Nate loses his way and ends up living in Wade's Apartment]
- Once More, With Feeling
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate serenade Wade]
[Title says it all]
- Deadpool, Cable ex-boyfriend from the future
[Art || Wade and Domino swap roles]
- Dead Water
[Cable/Deadpool || pt1 || Civil War had been avoided]
- Trouble in pairs
- Fempool
[Art || Female!Deadpool]
- What is, is
[Cable/Deadpool || Domino is the amoral hired gun, whist Wade is ex-boyfriend from the future]
- Flip side
[Stryfe/Deadpool || Stryfe makes Deadpool his lieutenant and consort]
- All That I Have to Give
[Deadpool/Cable || PWP]
- First Times
[Deadpool/Cable || Wade and Nate talk about their first times]
- The bricks are bright and free
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate keeps making obvious moves, but Wade thinks he's hallucinating]
- Daydreams *
[Deadpool/Cable || Wade watches TV, while Nate daydreams of doing naughty things to him]
- Toxicomanie
[Cable/Deadpool || pityfuck]
- Decisions .
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate makes a selfish decision]
- This'll Hurt When You Wake Up Yesterday
[Stryle/Deadpool, Cable/Deadpool || c01 || In which Messiah War is "fixed", Stryfe has his wicked way with Wade, and Nate watches]
- The Feminine Model *
[Cable/Female!Deadpool || pt1 || Wade has become a woman]
- Synthetic
[Cable/Deadpool || Spider Jerusalem ends up stuck in a vid-reality]
- There's Hope for Them Yet
[Cable/Deadpool || Messiah Wars AU]
- Non-porny Stryfe/Cable/Deadpool Threesome
[Cable/Deadpool/Stryfe || title says it all, but they are in a bed]
Anything Goes in a Place Like This
[Crack!fic involving Stryfe's armor and Domino]
- Punishing the Plaything
[Cable/Deadpool/Stryfe || c01 || The 'brothers' gang up on Wade]
- Angels on the Moon
[Wade decides to Nate's unofficial bodyguard]
- The Meme Effect - Chaos Theory for Perverts
[Cable/Deadpool/Stryfe || c01 || In which it is your fault (Yes, you.) that poor Deadpool is caught between one horny Stryfe and one jealous Cable. Also there's sex.]
- Funny the Way It Is
- Toy Soldier
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade's love life takes a turn for the worse when he catches Cable and Domino]
- Mutual Destruction
- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool, Steve/Tony || Tony's spying]
- What About Bob?
- Untitled Drabble
- Reclaiming the old fashion way
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate learns that Stryfe was messing with his pet. ]
- Only One Way Out of the World
- Marvel Adventures C&DP
[Cable/Deadpool || C&DP plus Hope]
- Love at First Sight, Cable/Bob
- Sandman AU
[Title says it all]
- Spying is Caring.
- Better Halves
[Cable/Deadpool || Mithras-arc || Cable-newly-arrived-from-the-future receives a message sent back through time a few years from Cable-from-post/during-C&D, to let him know, amongst other things, that he'll be able to save a lot of wasted time by getting to know this 'Deadpool' guy a whole lot sooner]
- Your structure's fine (My dust is better)
[Deadpool/Cable || "My mind isn't all there anymore"]
- You ought to give me wedding rings
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate's "Black Mamba Fantasy" is marrying Wade.]
- Crazy for your touch
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade's a bit sensitive]
- A Firm Hand 
[Cable/Deadpool || Movieverse || continuation of Winning and Losing]
- Context
- Open Letter to Fangirls
[Cable/Deadpool || title says it all]
- Tabula rasa
[Teen!Cable/Non-cancer!Wade || A young, time-traveling, Nate somehow winds up in the wrong time and meets up with Wade]
- Fractal
[Cable/Deadpool, NateGray/Deadpool || Deadpool meeting Nate Grey]
- Let Slip The Dogs Of War
[War!Cable/Deadpool || p1-2,p3-5,p6,p7,p8,e1,e2,ss || War has kept Wade locked away in his dungeon. Who shall come to his rescue]
- Evil Taste Good, collection of fic bits
[War/Deadpool, Stryfe/Deadpool, Cable/Deadpool]
- Fatality
[Cable/Deadpool || Gun!kink || Also posted here by author]
- Tyr's Favor 
[Cable/Deadpool || forgotten realms AU || Ending here || A vision from Tyr brings Paladin Dayspring to Muzad.]
- Caution: Sex Pollen At Work
[Cable/Deadpool || sequel || Sex pollen educed smut]


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