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storm_dragon ([personal profile] storm_dragon) wrote2008-12-28 07:24 am
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Boredom spawns journal entries...

Okay so it been while since I last posted anything here. And for the sake of entertainment, I shall talk about my dull life which surprisingly I am mostly content with it.

Anywho moving on December oddly enough has been a pretty interesting month for me. Considering I was actually allowed by my parents to stay home for an entire 5 day period while they with my other siblings left for China. So yes, I spent the majority of my holiday, at home. Doing mostly nothing but sleep, eat, TV/anime and internet.

So what's the big deal about that, well other than the fact that this was the first time they ever let me stay home without them. Yes I am 20-something years old now and I am still very much used to almost having my parents with me the majority of the time. I am sensing will be having quite a number of problems in my future.

Oh well, when the problem arises I'll just have to deal with it...