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All in all the month of Feb has been quite heretic for me. Midterms, test, project deadlines, and fanfiction deadlines. But I am quite pleased to have completed my first fanfiction contest entry. Thou I wasn't able to recheck more than once due to the deadline, I am somewhat embarrassed of it now (So sappy.). Hopefully it the grammar isn't too bad, that people will hate me for it. I cross posted it here and in which reminds me I am seriously considering changing my penname there, to many people that I know in real life have figured out my penname. Sadly I can't think of a new penname, May be i should use the same username that I use in Gaia. Moving on, it seems that a lot happen in the Evil Empire while I was busy with collage and my fanfiction entry to fsn_fiction. Once again Olena complains about how we do our jobs, sure I understand that she's busy with her life but did she ever think that some of us staff member have problems with our lives too. I can't sit my butt all day in front of my laptop (thou I wouldn't mind) and help maintain the Empire.

Hopefully March won't be as heretic thou I doubt it. *sigh*
Oh well, I'll live like alway.

Finally I just want to give credit to the graphics namely the graffiti name-graphic "Storm Dragoness" to [..X..] of Gaia Online. It was just what I need to complete my header.

Okay I am going to bed I've got school in 4 hours.


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