Even though canonly it's Jean who's in the middle, I can also see a lot of Scott in the middle, especially while blindflinded and blushing prettily (he so would), and I can also see Jean and Scott ganging up on Logan when he's tryng to stay scrowling, haha.

The X-Men First Class I read is titled New Beginnings written by Jeff Parker, and penciled by Roger Cruz. It's where the [livejournal.com profile] jeannie_x_slim got their icon artwork from, and the right side of the header. The lineup is Scott, Jean, Bobby the Iceman, Warren (Angel), and Hank McCoy (Beast). The stories are very nice, the characters lovable. Like, Warren bust out of the classroom because he feels like a caged bird sometimes, the Professor is understanding, and show him the rest of the lesson in his head, and then when Warren heads back, the Professor instructs him to tell the others that he has been very harsh!

I like how the uniform is actually a uniform, no boob-window...certain shots made me squint in confusion because even tight clothes do not mold along ass crack like that, unless it's sprayed on, but I stopped complaining by the second story, set at a beach, featuring plenty of pretty beefcake from Scott and Bobby who are both in swimmers, but it's good eye candy. I even like Jean in the three piece. Looking and posing pretty for your boyfriend? In-Character. Doing it in the middle of the battle? NOT. Beach storyline is also awesome at that part where Xavier's image showed up to tell Bobby to get some shade because he could burn, partly out of concern to Bobby, and partly so that Scott can get some alone time with Jean!

Scott and Jean really struck me as very Eric and Donna like in this, they are around the same age as their peers but while they are fun they are still the designated squares, PSYCH!

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